How a cap can change your client’s mind

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If you live in Australia you’re sure to have a stash of caps or hats in the car, in the shed, on the boat, in your back pack even in your wardrobe – why? It’s not just to protect your scone from skin cancer.

 Branded headwear is one of the most popular items in this country. That cap you received at a trade show or event makes you, without you really knowing it - happy!.

If you wear it you have a positive feeling towards the brand and it is a practical item. Don’t underestimate the good vibes from a useful, nicely customised cap.

And there’s been a fair bit of research to explain why: 

1.    You thought it was a decent gift, liked the look of it and it’s comfy.

2.    You like the business or person who gave it to you and you would recommend them to others.

3.    You’ve had it a long time and it still looks good.

In other words – you have engaged with the brand. The average Aussie has 7 branded products in the homes or offices. Headwear is amongst the top sellers in this country – because it is so hot here, especially in Summer! Caps and Hats last a long time, and that gives you great visibility.

So how do you get your brand on those seven items?

Create your own trend – create an impressive cap using your branding and colours that is totally unique. Custom quantities start at just 150 items.

Get quality stuff – cheap looking stuff gives a very NEGATIVE impression of your company. Only a few extra bucks get you great quality that is manufactured in the same factories as the big sports brands using top grade materials and awesome features.

Give freely – share those promo caps with your current clients, employees and suppliers. They are inexpensive and worth sharing around to get your brand out there.

Flood your brand in your industry, become recognisable and a viable option when it’s time to talk deals. People who own one of your caps are constantly reminded – engaging with your brand – feeling good about the decisions they have made, or are about to make with your company.

Get your free custom sample by giving us a call – we’ll make your brand look sensational!


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